Thursday, June 6, 2013

Silver and Cold

I saw him
when the sun was dim
when frost slept blanketing the earth
when the heart faced yet another winter alone, unloved.

I saw him
across the room, smiling
across a sea of dementors, shining
across lifetimes, searching.

I saw him
making an effort to re-ignite the ashes my eyes bore
making music in the silence even if all I ever answered was 'I'm not sure'
making me look life beyond the pages I kept going back to, unfolding the folds.

I loved him
when the skies rained an ocean
when tears turned stardust
when I woke up to our fingers intertwined.

I will love him
when our hair are silver
when dreams we live
when our wrinkled hands go cold.

© 2013 Neha Choudhry