Saturday, June 30, 2012

Starry symphony

So I took to the roof
with the bedding and the bed
to hug the universe
before sleep closed on in.

Turns out somewhere up there
a party was being thrown
All I saw was cosmic fireworks
and in a fragrant waft, consciousness then drowned.

What followed was a gossamer of thoughts
set to a tune of a favorite interminable song
Mocking the fickle demeanor
for a fiery core burned just as strong.

A string of variegated dreams and might-have-beens
hopes, at first soliciting, and then toying with reality
playing the face of love on the loop
diverting away from the dagger set to slain objectivity.

All set to fly in the static hues of enigma
unfettering memories from the cage of my heart
I rather saw myself dive in an ocean of dilemma
A moment of déjà vu, another prick of cupid's dart.

All agog to see who and why
swaying to the sea hymn
tried to walk away and descry
Who, this time, would leave on with a good-bye.

As if clairvoyance was a friend
or melancholy was finally seeking remission
I opened my eyes to the sun
I opened doors to my life for this one.

© 2012 Neha Choudhry

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tongues of flame

Enshroud, I lay
in the resignation of it all
while a part of me wore a plumage
waiting to fly to you at dawn.

This crypticity I'll repudiate
as long as Andromeda shines my night sky
embracing memories and your resonating placid voice
I'll cross this labyrinth, making your farewell an ephemeral goodbye.

Stars I hold up in my eyes
they cascade down my face each time I blink
I tangle myself in ambiguous anecdotes to divert
yet there isn't a single second I let the grief out or let sink.

A laconic story of those loquacious summers
haunts my today, sobs hugging my tomorrows
wherein holding my little hand you walked me the world
I'm still standing at the very place you took a labyrinthine turn.

In this maelstrom I swim alone
free me from these sardonic chains
chime this dirge, play it to your favorite tune
I've had enough of the worldly ornate saccharin.

A petrichor-less monsoon awaits a perfume-less spring
while my vacuous self seeks solace
A fabricated smile everyone believes in
Each night I link the stars to draw your face.

Dubiously I ramble on
seeking answers, surviving tons of self-blame
Having lost vivacity to time's stratagem
and love to tongues of flame.

© 2012 Neha Choudhry