Saturday, January 18, 2014

Letters Huddled Together

... And so I picked up what was left
Pieces of what will be forgotten soon under layers of dust
I held them close for once
To you I dedicated my last dance
Humming the tune to the song I once chose
To walk down the aisle to, in my hand concealing a little pink rose.

Tonight, too, it felt like walking on clouds
Only this time they thundered, scattered and took me down
My words lost their letters
As what was all glitters
Turned ash.

I could fight it, I knew
Saving a sapling I could plant it anew
And hope this time it grows
To gift me that one pink rose
But when all you shed was acid in name of rain
I chose to let death take over, dignify the endless pain.

So walk with me this last
Don't take my hand if I start to speed by fast
Just breathe in time with me for a few more moments
Lets just sync heartbeats until frozen
And never see eye to eye
While I disappear before you remember to say goodbye...

© 2014 Neha Choudhry