Monday, December 24, 2012

I Will Follow You into the Dark

For once
I wanted
to live
to dream
to die
in a click
in a wink
in a beat.

he had me
all at once
in that piercing gaze across the room
in that "Hi" he broke ice with
in that embrace he enveloped me in.

I once leapt in arms of
eying him in awe
it was homecoming
it was uncanny
it was an irony
as he was
my savior
my destroyer
my one last long con.

broken and lost
as everything in me echoed a certain
My name in his voice
shut the world
shut me up
and spoke my heart:


© 2012 Neha Choudhry

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Her father
the very girl you now stand on the grave of
Who faced the ferocity in an ordeal that lasted
an hour or so
They say.
The hour I have traversed seconds of
Hating myself
For not being her 'Hero' as she wished
For now standing as a spectator on the pieces of past with so much as a goodbye kiss
For giving my hand in support for her to walk while she still crawled
Had she not stepped out, woudn't she be here after all?
For bringing her up in a world driven by lust and hunger
That gobbled up my precious
And incremented the slam piece toll by just a number.
In a diseased society where respect never walked
What was I thinking
How could it ever spare my doll?
Today they debate
How she was at fault
How clothes provoke
How the time was Rapist's hour
How she shouldn't have walked that road
The fault was hers
For she forgot she is a girl
And you are sex-deprived
For she was clad in her birthday dress
And that set erections sky-rise
For she forgot her Invisibility cloak home
And she was in your line of sight
For she would have screamed when you violated her
And to you it was a pleasurable sight.

The father
Of the child yet to open her eyes to the world
Of the little girl you see crawling in your house
Of the pretty princess you just dropped off to school
Of the ambitious recent-graduate ready to fly
Of the girl clad in red as someone's bride
Of that old lady sitting alone in the park watching kids play
Urge you
To either burn down your vicious lust
Or face my wrath
For if you even see my girl as yours to take
I will hunt you down
I will terminate your breath.

You put your genesis to shame
And each man's head hangs low for being one
You walk with a weapon in your pants
And she should be the one under restrictions?


© 2012 Neha Choudhry

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