Saturday, July 21, 2012

That anniversary

Walking out the door
Was a rough sketch drawn on the canvas of time
A disheveled mane
A splitting headache driving her insane
Sleepless eyes seeking finality in the azure
A whiff brings along the intoxicating cologne he used to wear
A step forward, a pleading gaze back at the porch, her gait unsure
How life would have been if at all he cared
And just then she started to sob in despair
"If I walk today, he won't chase"
struggling a breath in midst of a teary farewell she bade
she added
"...but if I stay today, silence will set us ablaze"
It ain't that easy to shun make-beliefs that scream his name
What stands as a wall of strength for the world to behold happens to be solidified pain
The one that could never melt enough to rain
The same that she hugs each night wishing it were him.
She did wobble a little
But then was she so brittle
A deep breath, a fresh set of tears
Exactly today long back her veiled self reciprocated his I do
Wearing the same dress she sashayed in
Tugging the frills, today, she crossed the Rubicon.

An hour later or so
The door opened to yield a crestfallen guy staring in the night
Having realized what he had put her through
Having realized who just walked away was the girl he promised a beautiful life
As he started towards the shore
An aching heart, a numb, fearful core
At the front porch, by the lamppost
Lay a little box and a paper folded in square.
He could bear a hate note today
He would have understood her if she left without a word
What she left behind was a part of him she wore
and words that drew him to his knees and implore.

No one ever heard from her again.
No one ever heard from him again.

All that was ever found
by a friend who swung by
with flowers and wine
to wish them togetherness for a lifetime
Two rings
to form an infinite
A note
bearing a line in beautiful cursive
"I will always love you".
and hastily scribbled three words
"I do too".

© 2012 Neha Choudhry