Saturday, October 26, 2013


As leaves turn gold and give in to gravity
Remember the kiss of that new rose on your palm.
As your heart quivers, struggles beating through the snow
Remember the stardust you are made of, and love.
As scenes change around you, the silence pierces and applause isn't a cure
Remember that after you walked in, few lives were never the same.
As you get back there, where you belong
Remember the stage is still yours, so is the song.
As it runs through your veins, that rush of adrenaline
Remember no step is too difficult to pause your dance.

© 2013 Neha Choudhry

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Where to, Miss?... To the stars.

"You are gonna go like this?"
"Err... Ya! What's wrong?"
"Umm. In yoga pants?"
"Long flight. I don't want unnecessary buttons poking me in and out."
"I know", saying, she winked.

A hug, her tearful eyes and smile.

And she was gone. I stood next to her empty house for sometime, taking in her absence. I knew it would haunt me in the coming days but I underestimated the intensity just then. It was cruel of her to go like that but then I knew our test of times had just begun. We had to see this through. Anyhow.
"It's too dark and cold."
"Also", she added, "I saw Paranormal Activity 2 during the day. I can't..."
She is such an extreme case. She can sit and watch a whole box of horror in a day, munching buckets of popcorn and not twitch a bit or she will be this scared little ball of fur, hiding in cardboard box at the slightest sound outside the door.
"Baby, it's just the wind probably."
"That's the word. Probably."
"I know it's nothing supernatural but you know, the dark is beautiful and sets my imagination out the normal boundaries."
"So, are you going to pick those hanging clothes today or not?"
"I have to na..."
She sounds irresistibly cute when she just wants me to approve something she anyway is going to do, adding the trademark 'na' to it.
"Ya baby, go! I am on the line. Don't hang up, keep talking and pick them up."
"Oooo La La. Tux and all. Someone is looking handsome today!"
"Today?” I teased.
"More than every other day, I feel like kidnapping you off the venue and drive off in the dark."
"Why do you go all criminal mind on me?” I loved poking her like that.
"Cos I'm crazy for you."
"That's news!"
"Go die, you."
And she laughs.
She doesn't know I often record all this. Just because.
"First salary!"
I called to share it first with her.
"Save a tenner for me. You once promised me ice cream."
"That's it? That's all you want?"
"You", she slowly said.
"I am."
"I know."
"And, it's my time to announce now."
"Go on..."
"First salary here!"
I could hear her musical laughter along as she said it.
"Go get yourself what you really, really wanted."
"A telescope, silly."
"You remembered?"
"Ask me what I don't remember."
"That was supposed to be an expression, idiot."
"I'm just playing with you."
"When was I serious anyway?"
She sends picture of Orion and asks,
"It's blurry, isn’t it?"
"A little but beautiful."
"I love the Orion Nebula."
"I know."
"I wonder how it would be, up close."
"Let's sleep?"
"Its afternoon here, babe."
"Oh right. I'll hit the bed then."
"Dream me."
"Dream you."
5 years later
There she is. Her eyes looking for me as I take my first step on the new land.
Her eyes go brighter and she smiles. She saw me.
It felt as if a steam-cyclone just ran through me. Flushed, I stood there holding her.
The world vanished at the touch of her hand.
She was my little wizard.
"Where to?" I asked again.
"You'll know."
"Surprise", she finally said.
Standing on the Glacier Point at Yosemite with her in freezing temperatures.
Her nose had her "I'm so cold" tinge of red.
Her cheeks were pink and all smiles.
But what struck me was the curiosity in her eyes.
It was getting darker with each passing second. People poured in on a full moon night but she decided it for tonight. A new moon night.
"Tell me!"
"Close your eyes."
"Do it. Close your eyes."
I did.
And she intertwined her fingers in with mine. She was cold. Won't be anymore.
Few seconds later, she said.
"I love you."
I opened my eyes.
Hers were closed shut.
I looked up and then at her and then back up.
"Open your eyes, it's time."
The Milky Way was finally showing up. Vibrant, taking over the sky.
I hadn't seen anything this breathtaking.
After her.

15 years later
"I made us two bags, love."
"Thank you. Let's go. It's gonna begin anytime now."
It was a meteor shower tonight.
"I forgot the telescope."
"Don't worry. I set it up already."
One by one she climbed the stairs. It was such a task for her. It was kind of cute seeing her try.

I was looking.
That same curiosity in her eyes. I forgot to breathe for a moment.
"Close your eyes."
I did.
And she intertwined her tiny fingers in with mine. She was cold too.
"I love you daddy."
"I love you sweetheart."
A tear trickled down my cheek.
I let it.
"Where's mommy? I can't see mommy tonight."
I took her little hand and pointed her index finger to the Orion Nebula.
"Mommy is home. Her new home."
She smiled.
The same smile I fell for, years ago.
Still do.
Every time.

"Thank you", I whispered as I looked back up.
I guess the stars twinkled in answer.
Or was it just me.
I don't know.

She loved stars so much that she became one.

© 2013 Neha Choudhry