Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fog, Fantasy & So-very-everyday

Glaze paper planes
Every day I make one
Tiny people, matchstick men
In folds of each I place one
Who knows which eyelash wish I blow
lands on one and it takes off
Or maybe some falling star
Sneaks in my room as I sleep
and steals one.

It rained today and I also heard
that the fog is so dense, flights won't go
I sat cross-legged on the floor
With my colored patchwork PJ's on
And pictured your smirk, your eyes, your face
as I undid the folds and turned planes to boats
So the waters
would take them along.

Kitty-tail handled mugs
Every morning I pick up two
Out of habit or sheer make-belief
That maybe out of nowhere you
would apparate here
I pour in hot chocolate
And stare the empty one
Till the time I'm done
And place it back
yet again.

I spilled the milk this morning
and your cup shared the fall
As I left the scene to bring something to clean up
The phone buzzed, your call
I came back minutes later
remembering I had a task to do
Having devoured it all, curled it lay
cuddling the two mugs together
my tiny cat, Furball.

Lock & key diaries, a few scribble conversations in class
Random pictures in random places
are bits of you that I have
All day the thought of having them keeps me sane
And my nights are a jigsaw, a never-ending hide and seek game
I see you sometimes
I never reach you though
But I wake up to play
the same thing all over again.

I finally did find you this night
after months of tracing in vain
And when you held my hand
I felt the death inside of me breathe life in
You are like gravity
I can't help but give in
I was being drawn in your arms
my world was that moment, you, just then.

And then I fell off the bed for the nth time
Who knew it was the actual gravity calling in.
A sleepy me narrated you the scene
while a world apart, the sound of your laughter
Played the paused song, my heart sang again.

© 2013 Neha Choudhry