Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Rainy Morning Realization

There is a place inside us all where we are at peace, where it's you who decides what comes and goes. There may be passageways to your own version of Hogwarts, there may be those corridors in your school where you hung out a little too much to catch a glimpse of your crush. You may find that chain necklace you lost or the street cat you loved so much but it ran away. You may see familiar faces of the people you lost, relive the very instance when a moment became a memory, the little things that make you smile to yourself when you are sitting in silence. You may get to see all those times when life rewarded you with happiness when you weren't even looking for it, when that one guy you loved like anything said he felt the same, when your best friend hugged you in a time you thought the whole world is against you, when you see your mumma papa after almost a year of being far away, when your never-expressive brother sends you a random 'I miss you', when you listen to a song you loved for years but stopped listening all of a sudden because it reminded you of someone you didn't want to miss, when you wake up in the night and see it's raining and sleep back with a smile plastered on your face, when someone hugs you when you need it and says 'Thanks! I really needed that' and you are in a happy confusion saying 'All thanks to you' in your head, when you remember lyrics to a 90s song as soon as it starts playing out of nowhere, when you cook something better than your mum cooks it and then send her images to prove your point or when you dress up all cute and send her pictures saying 'See, I resemble you'...

They say a list of remember whens is way better than if onlys.

I wish the latter list always stays short and the remember whens take up all the space on the canvas of life...

There are many people who can take you back to their place. There is only that one person who can take you back home. Your home. The one inside you, your happy place. His eyes are like fairy lights and his smile is your favorite little blanket, the one you wear all day long. You hold on to a person like that.

© 2016 Neha Choudhry

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