Friday, March 29, 2013

Stop the clocks


He doesn't quote Nicholas Sparks every now and then trying to sweep me off my feet. He is strong enough to actually do that.

His compliments don't sound like any long lost cousins of beautiful or pretty. He will just stand there with a 'Wow' expression gleaming in his eyes, fumbling for words and end up saying the sweetest "I love you." Every time.

He lets me cross the road on my own despite knowing I am a little shaky when crossing in traffic and when I have reached the other end, his face beams of triumph in the purest sense while I look at him all dazed and puzzled and utter 'Idiot', loud enough for just him to hear.

He buys me ice cream and then counts the number of days I have bunked the gym this week only to turn around and see me making a lost kitty face. I get an extra ice cream after that. Don't even bother to ask. It's his ice cream, of course.

I share a million tumblr pictures with him and he doesn't get irritated. Not the slightest. In fact, the very next day one of those is his 'Wallpaper of the day'.

He plays me the songs I once used to sing and recolors the memories I have cherished over the years. Re-visiting my past and strengthening my foundations to make me believe in the dreams I dreamed as a child, to instill in me the curiosity to soar up high and see the world from up there.

He makes me want to demolish the clichés and create something of our own. To not wait for a kiss in rain but play soccer with him as it pours.

He introduces me to versions of me I never knew existed. Every damn day there is something new, I tell you.

And if I started collecting the butterflies he ever gave me, I would have been a proud owner of a huge Butterfly Sanctuary by now.

It's by far the best jigsaw I've played. Being chosen to make that perfect fit.

It's the best chess of my life. We lay the board, stare eye to eye. Smile.

He stops the clocks for me.


I love.

© 2013 Neha Choudhry