Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Phenomenon called 'Dev Anand'

December 4, 2011

One date that I'll hate for all my life here on.

Started as a usual Sunday, with me sleeping in a little more than the usual 4-5 hours. I wonder why I planned on logging in twitter today, after ages. And there it hit, the news of him being gone. I don't remember when was the last time, or was there any, when everything around me stood silent still, when I stared at five words reading them again and again, wishing they weren't true. 'Evergreen Dev Anand No More'.

And the first set of tears that trickled down my face, the first breaths I took after a long pause and the emptiness inside made me realize that all these years while I watched Guide, Jewel Thief, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Heera Panna, etc. over and over again, it was the aura of Dev Anand that enchanted me, captivated my heart and that ever-glowing smile made my day. I have loved him, always without myself knowing it until today. I still remember I was a kid of 5 or 6 when I sat down with Papa to watch Guide. The story was too mature for me but Raju Guide had made his imprint on this little girl's heart. Seeing him die in the last scenes was tough, I clung to dad asking 'Raju ab nahin aayega?' (Won't Raju ever come back?). I thank my Papa for introducing me to 'The Phenomenon' called DEV ANAND.

It is still so much of a shock to take in. I am glad I was born in a time where I lived to see the romanticism, the magic, the flirtatious smile and the Evergreen man himself- Dev Anand. Last year, chucking all my work, I went to see 'Hum Dono' (Rangeen). Despite having seen the b/w version countless times, it was an experience to see Dev Anand on the big screen. The way he looked at Sadhna, that notorious smile that his eyes held, his on-screen persona and the ever melodious 'मैं ज़िन्दगी का साथ निभाता चला गया' had me in trance of happiness that even words would fail to describe.

I tweeted him a 'Happy Journey' today, after having smiled through the tears 'following' his twitter handle @itsmedevanand.

With this, I pay my Tribute to the mesmerizing man, Dev.

"To wake up to the news of you being no more
Is something I NEVER saw coming, grieved to the core.
With all the beautiful memories, love for life and melodies that'll stay
Enchant the skies, twinkle with the stars for ever...that's all I pray.

Always Loved you Dev Anand..!
Always will."

"मौत एक ख़याल है जैसे ज़िन्दगी एक ख़याल है. न सुख है ना दुख है, न दीन है न दुनिया, न इंसान न भगवान. सिर्फ़ मैं. मैं हूं. मैं. मैं. सिर्फ़ मैं..."

आनंद मरा नहीं
  आनंद मरते नहीं...

© 2011 Neha Choudhry


Greeshma Ramesh said...

Aww baby! *hugs* This is so touching!

Neha Choudhry said...

Hugs back and thank you... Needed it real bad.

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