Monday, August 26, 2013

You always have me

I'm broken in places I can't see or reach
I'm bleeding out patience I can't cease
I'm terrified of this autumn and all it would bring
I'm trying not to mess this hug but I'm full to the brim.

I run from glee and gloom alike
An untamed tornado, secretly a claustrophile
I take to corners every now and then
A confused exterior, guarding a hopeful self.

I say things that my actions don't comply
I weave dreams I am not sure could be
I lose temper on you for things I myself often do
I crash castles as if building them was as easy as 2+2.

No matter how difficult I make it
And how I tend to withdraw
You stand by me.
No matter where I am off to
And how I sometimes even breeze past you
You never confine me.

No matter how reckless I am
And how I end up in dark alleys of my own mind
You find me.
No matter where I've fallen and bruised
And how your hands still bear the scars from resurrecting this glass-house we live in
You fix me.

P.S. I once came across this phrase:
"All we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us. And you have her."
Repeating it over and over again in my mind gave me peace that maybe someday I'll find someone I can say that to. My path ends up before your face.

Thank you for not letting me have my way all the time. I would have missed on a gorgeous tomorrow.

No siempre el primer amor sera el único y el ultimo… siempre existirá un segundo, el cual te ame y te acepte tal cual eres a pesar de tus errores, como el primero no lo supo hacer.

© 2013 Neha Choudhry


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