Saturday, December 3, 2016


A word stringing promises together
The assurance added before every forever.
With feet on the ground, it sets hope to flight
Sometimes appending anything with it makes things sound about just right.
No matter how your tomorrows may be
No matter the people shuffle but the promises you'll keep.
Life will throw curveballs and you'll bat them right and square
The dream chase may land you in places, on a map you can't point out where.
But what'll stay is this single word affirmation in itself
That whenever you close your eyes, you will have yourself.
The sources may at times be foggy or even invisible
The echo of all those 'Always' professed will keep you company still.

© 2016 Neha Choudhry

Image by: Oriol Angrill JordàArtist website: https://oriolangrill.comImage source:


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