Sunday, December 10, 2017


Setting the mug down with a crash yet again
I wonder why we even bother buying coasters
Why we’ve fine-tuned our eyes to smile a lot lately
When inside all we harbor are these sad picture posters.

While things around continue to settle
the dust storms have more or less ceased
Some of us are still standing on the shores
Summoning the wrath of the seas.

Over-thinkers they’ve called us
Headless nomads, they tease
While the world stage still sees this circus with wonder in their eyes
To us, it’s pretty much autopiloting, such ease.

I too was an artist back in my time
A hundred stories still live in the walls of my home
When the candle flame flickered during those summertime blackouts
my shadow puppets danced; in chorus cheered my brother and mom.

Darkness walks along like the old friend that she is
enshrouds me in the protective shadows
While the keys jingle in deadbolt at 3 AM in the cold as I return back
the door opens to a silent house, and the emptiness grows.

Some years ask questions and some years answer
Some throw curveballs at you while you stand there in your own little pretense
It’s a relief that winter numbs you down enough
To not know or feel what happens while it ends.

These rainy Decembers are gonna take a little time getting used to
The frost on the car is as tough as my skin
While I scrape off this while blanket and fire the engines up
Take a backseat, sip some coffee. Fin.

© 2017 Neha Choudhry

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