Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Te he encontrado en el infinito

written on: May 18, 2012
I've differentiated the world to integrate a life together
Even if I don't fit in your permutation
Or our life's vectors take different directions
The probability of us being apart falls in the null-set
For this story runs in an infinite loop.

You run, I chase
I walk away, you trace
All in all it has been a crazy ride
We walk the edges as if prepared to challenge gravity.

Sparks fly
When we look eye to eye
Love flows inside at what seems like the speed of light
At an empowering, sometimes overpowering, pressure that even Bernoulli's principle stands defied
It's as smooth sailing as a sine wave
Yet as complex as the neural maze.

Sometimes the kind of close we stumble
erases the coordinates, the lines, the world blurs
Sometimes the kind of far we fall
Even the irksome Mars-Venus thing starts to seem believable.

If I am an electron
You're my home orbital
No matter what colors of life I see
It's my nature to come back to thee.

If love was an art
I'd be Shakespeare's ghost in Mozart
If love was all numbers
Baby I do calculus in slumber.

But this love undoubtedly is science
Where we take turns to be Newton and Einstein
Fighting it out every now and then
Yet staying soldered, never breaking away.

You derive at something
I laugh on it being a foregone conclusion
I redefine, rephrase it
You make fun of it being your hypothesis' reflection.

That's the way it has been
That's the way it'll always be
In challenges, we respire
In the dark, we celebrate
In rain, camera ready, we wait for lightning to strike
In the eye of a cyclone, tejimos una historia del amor.

© 2012 Neha Choudhry


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