Monday, November 19, 2012

Things I'll never say

And I cried seeing your name today
And something in me breaks a little each day
I don't know what's still holding me up
I don't remember the last time I missed you so much
Was it yesterday or the day before?
Was it somewhere in the goodbye that I never sent at your door?
Am I in you, still?
Am I who you love, ever will?
Do words defy you too?
Do tears bleed in you?
Is there someone you see me in?
Is a memory or two enough for you to keep going?
Why I still freeze a second or two before smiling?
Why you never held me back when I said I was leaving?
Will the silences break someday or will it be me, again?
Will we sit back and laugh on today or the one mocking us would be time?
Would you recognize my voice if I called?
Would time, for a few moments, have the mercy to stall?
How once where echoed gales of laughter today is a cemetery
How as my shadow in the blazing sun you walked along and today here lies a paralyzed me
Can you bring yourself to shut doors on me?
Can we cease this fire feeding on the dreams we weaved?
Are our places haunting you or asking where am I?
Are there days when you shut the world out, miss me and cry?
Yet, as long as your presence still lingers on me, you're here
Yet, every sigh that you heave crushing promises in silences, I hear.

© 2012 Neha Choudhry


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*hats off*\m/

shaily said...

u r simply superb

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