Saturday, November 26, 2011

Through the eyes of Sawyer...

A storm of emotions
A swarm of words buzzing through and through
It'll take a while to pen this down
because feeling it this real, putting down each line
breaks me, shatters me
the way it broke you!

I wrote this piece on behalf of James 'Sawyer' Ford from the LOST Series.
Sawyer writes for Kate.

(The END is altered)

Memories lay scattered around
Shattering the broken self I put to grave and tried forgetting about
One look at your face, resurrected the love
the pain, the wait, the last kiss, the hug.

It seemed like centuries since you were away
After all this time, why today
you packed your bags and hopped onto the flight
the one that crashed here, like the previous, and brought back everything that can never be mine.

There are feelings I will never confess
I lived the days trying hard not to picture your face
As I whispered your name and kissed you
The next moment, I jumped from the chopper only to see you getting rescued.

A man like me can only go for the kill
Loving someone isn't my thing
Love conned the con man me as every night, since you left
Clutching your smile close to my heart, I slept.

Calming the hurricanes of hurt that ran inside
I watched you look at him with that conviction in your eyes
The one I always wished to see every time I kissed your tears
when he hurt you so bad that you ran to my arms, clutching self-doubts and fears.

I could live with the fact that you ain't coming back
I made peace with my heart and shut doors that backtrack
But to see him holding your hand, standing where I could be
A to-be-destroyed heart asks you, Why not me?

Was the question too hard on time
What followed it was a blinding flash of light
Head ready to burst with searing pain
And much to my surprise, when I opened my eyes, I was sitting in a plane.


Was I dreaming, Was I in a trance
I put it aside, why bother giving it another investigative glance.
I got up to stretch a bit and get myself a beer
In the passage, I saw her, why was she familiar?

Was it the cling of handcuffs that she tried to hide
Or the chime of that guilty smile
Why did I recognize the scene of my eyes in hers
As she smiled, why an echo ran inside me that I have shared a life with her before.

I stood there long enough, wordless, staring deep in her eyes
Trying to figure out where this fugitive in my memories resides
She came up to me, touched my hand
And flashes of recognition in me did ignite.

"Freckles, you're here...", I fumbled and broke
She hugged me and breathing slowly she spoke
"I... I thought I lost you..."
"I'm sorry for all I put you through..."
"I have waited all my life to say this,
Sawyer, I love you too..."

© 2011 Neha Choudhry


Greeshma Ramesh said...

'A to-be-destroyed heart asks you, Why not me?'
-Priceless! So splendid. :)
P.S: Just so you know, I had goosebumps towards the end!

Neha Choudhry said...

:) Greeshmaaa... you're such a sweetheart!

P.S. You're goosebumpish. Trust me.

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