Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sin ti

It'll lay crumpled on the floor for another revolution round the sun

It'll shiver petrified every second you claim to have moved on

It'll drag my insides to hell in each smile I search your signature smirk

It'll be more or less a lifeless life without my galaxy, my world by my side

It'll be a thousand more excuses for me to watch trains, planes go by as I switch places front to back in lines

It'll be a few memories I doodle with smeared kohl, in shadows or dark of night

It'll be unkissed birthdays, unhugged sorrows, unshared achievements, unmissed us

It'll be me, looking for you, everywhere in the world

It'll be you, watching a hopeful me and as I close in, you turn.

© 2012 Neha Choudhry


Priyanka Bhardwaj said...

With every poem you write, the images happen to get more vivid and more self explanatory.. like the words were any less! Your poems speak for themselves :)
I love you :*

Greeshma Ramesh said...

Such a Closure it gives! You really do have a way with words and how well. This one is again, oh-so goosebumps raising! :*
Love much! :*

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