Friday, February 17, 2012

I Rise

I come, I stay
But you, you run away
I've never, in my life
So openly, criticized
But things have gotten molten ice
And I say no much yet despise
To have held your hand when you cried
Oh yeah, it's the same me, you don't recognize.
So take back your shit
U need it to suffice
And me, I've got enough grit and wit
that I can stand in front of your eyes
And claim to hypnotize.
I wonder why I chose you
No matter what, I'd hold on
While your every action was a calculated move
How I now opened my eyes and saw me as your pawn.
Go away
I don't care to reply to your 'Happy Valentine's Day'
When everyday has been the hour of death
took me a while to believe how you smuggled my breath
Give it a rest
The love I confessed is lying crestfallen in a mess
Of memories and dreams, I detest
In the graveyard where I cast a part of me
is where the rest of me visits every night
And no, no feelings hatch
no love signals catch
I let a few breezers sink
Since I'm not too fond of hard drinks.
And when the music is on
I sway along
All thanks to you
For hurting me so bad
That I,
Strong as ever
With no strings attached,
Party every night.
With every swig
With every beat
And tap of my feet
I breathe
I live
I Rise.

© 2012 Neha Choudhry


Priyanka said...

One of my favourites by Neha Choudhry! *respect* I am left dumb founded everytime i read your work and everytime u happen to take me by surprise by writing yet another marvel of a piece :*
I love youuuuuuu!

Neha Choudhry said...

Oyeeeee...! I love you too! So much more! <3

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