Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Somewhere in me

Was a chilly windy morning
I waited, bated breath
My eyes contained a hundred million dreams set to snow
My lips withheld the kiss of death.

Been stood up all my life
It was nothing new
Maybe I was hoping against the odds
My bad, I unfailingly believed in you.

A hug would have broken me down
in pieces you could never put back together
A tear in your eye would have fueled a fire
to the pyre of us wherein my life would burn forever.

What silence gave me is something you couldn't muster
I knocked your door, that morning, not for love but a closure
I stood there until today, I might walk by many a times
At peace to see you happy in someone else's arms.

I gave you the part of me
The one that kept me alive
The one you broke and smashed
The one I'll never have back.

Maybe you will never know
There is something I still keep safe
With the waters of hurt taking me down to the sharks of time
Somewhere in me, you still live.

© 2012 Neha Choudhry


Priyanka said...

Heart wrenching! lyrical and powerful! Well done again! :*

Greeshma Ramesh said...

You? what do you eat? This is wonderful! <3 I don't know, I've spent all my words/adjectives. I don't know how to define your poems now! I give up. Pure talent this is! :*
Love much!

Neha Choudhry said...

Priyanka, Greeshma... No matter where life takes here on, just remember I love you a lot more than my words would ever be able to express. U have been my strength, my inspiration and above all, my darlings. :*

Anamika said...

whao...don't really know u but just couldn't help but be mesmerized by this one...words really fail i'm just gonna say-great going!! :)

Neha Choudhry said...

Hey Anamika, thanks sweety :) Means a lot.

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