Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Hundred thousand...

A few little things I kept aside
with every associated a dear memory,
bit by bit I weaved
my little Universe around you.
if someday I vanish away with time
raining those memories from my eyes,
with every step I take.
Don't come searching for me,
holding me back
with a Hundred Thousand Lies.

A few little things will remind you of me
Imprints of me would last an eternity
Survive you will
but forget, you will not
you will think of me even in an 'empty' passing thought.
When every day you splash your face
in the mirror you would catch a glimpse of me.
My birthdays would leave you with a smile
when you'll look back on the 'Dark Chocolate' chase
I used to put you through.
Every time you hear my favorite song,
you would heave
a Hundred Thousand sighs.

A collection of captured moments in mind,
a single little diary hidden in your closet,
dead roses weeping inside
waiting to be opened
and sung a lullaby.
That moment you took my hand in yours
looking at me, you winked and smiled
those were the seconds,
exactly the time
I promised you love
for a Hundred Thousand Lifetimes.

© 2011 Neha Choudhry


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