Sunday, October 30, 2011

She knows...

For everything you ever promised her is falling apart
She stops abruptly mid-sentence having said your name
Her eyes try hard to out the molten pain.
The face that once carried a contagious smile
today tells the story of a shredded heart.

It's hard to tell if she ever sleeps
Coz her eyes hardly blink and forever search
the one person out of the world she chose to love
The one that left her
for another.

And if you ever ask a girl
how can she make out the slightest differences,
the little things that eyes skip
and the ones that are blanketed by powerful lies
the only answer she can ever give you
is what she sees in your eyes.

For when you hold her hand to leave it someday
she knows.
For when she searched your eyes for herself
she saw her.
For when she said she loved you
she meant it.
For when you kiss her but don't mean it
she knows.

But despite all odds if she stays
She still holds your hand whispering 'forever'
You know she is strong
For she has known everything for long
And you would finally realize what she is, was
the day she walks away,
the day she is gone.

© 2011 Neha Choudhry


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