Sunday, October 30, 2011


The First words matter. Sure, the last ones are what take the limelight eventually. Be it the end of a discussion, a relationship or life's journey. The first words politely sit in the corner, watching what they gave way to. Waiting, maybe some day someone will actually remember them too.
But, do we?

What was the first word you ever spoke?
Which was the one you first wrote?
I ain't nobody to interpret what is the significance of your or, for that matter, my first words. But, I am just trying to share a thought that happened to strike me out of no where.

We sometimes end ties with people for they ended up saying something too hurtful for us to absorb. Whatever happened to those first words that binded you to them? They stand etched in time. Never looked back on. Very much there but forgotten.

The first words that were exchanged between you and a best friend you totally forgot about, over the years.
The first words that turned a crush to someone you ended up loving with all your heart.
The first words that triggered the argument wherein you lost him.
The first words shared with a random stranger who, today, is your best friend.
The first words of a song that made you not hit 'shuffle'.
The first and only words exchanged with someone you happened to meet in passing. Maybe those very words shine the brightest in his memories.
The first words of appreciation. They introduced you to Confidence.
The first words that made you realize rejection. Yes, those are the ones that made you strong enough to have fought your way out the storms of life.

On behalf of all those first words, and more, I just want to say: Remember us. We are very much there.

© 2011 Neha Choudhry


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