Sunday, October 30, 2011

Story of a Lifetime!

It's night and it's pouring
the only sound I hear is the tipper-tap
not to mention it's my birthday
another one I gulp down, just like that!
It's not that I didn't want to celebrate
but more like everyone I know bailed out,
Here I am, giving myself funny toasts for life
in one hand a glass, in the other, a knife.
To cut the cake, of course.

The phone *rings* to prove it's existance
I pick up and someone hangs up,
And then the door and the phone decide to sing together
I run for the door yelling all the possible variations of 'Hello'
in the phone where nobody speaks, yet again
And I just ate, drank, digested my words
Standing by the open door is the guy, Mr.M.
All my life I have loved.

A beautiful birthday night, ain't it?
I am standing in over-sized tee and pajamas
and one green slipper on
I don't remember where the hell the other one's gone.
He said 'Hey' and then 'Happy Birthday'
And I gazed at him as if time just went back,
The same twinkling eyes, the same teasing smile
Only it was his birthday, not mine.

I invited him in and he said 'You', pointing towards me, 'out of that house, Now!'
Puzzled, I was, but that smile didn't leave my face
He took it as a 'Yes'...
And with the knife, the phone, the one green slipper, pajamas on
I was in the passenger seat of a car
not mine, but of the guy I want to belong to.

'Is he kidnapping me?'
'Are you a kid, for starters, lady?'
'Shut up!!!'
'Is he real, am I dreaming?'
'Where is he taking me?'
Oh, that was my mind debating, by the way,
After driving for 'a century' it seemed, the car screeched to a halt.
My name was being whispered succeeded by a 'wake up'
and I got up with a jolt.

'How long was I out?', I asked
'Umm... about a couple of hours'
His hand brushed hair away from his eyes
'We're here, let's go'...
Singing 'Where? Who? What?' behind him
I too, tagged along.
'Wasn't this the house I googled for ever?
'Isn't this fence I tried to make the 'pointer' leap through?'
'No, this can't be it. Impossible!!!'
I heard a doorbell, I heard footsteps
I heard the door knob and then 'someone' that took away my breath!

Do you too have moments when you mind has the ':-O' expression?
Were you ever so surprised that you danced at your place for a millisecond and then fainted?
And the best, have you been woken up to senses by someone you hero-worshipped all your life,
that too on your birthday night?
I was woken up by the unique pronunciation of my name
from the voice that sung me a lullaby for a million nights.
'This all is happening, is it?', I asked
and opened one eye to make sure.
Mr.E. smiled the smile I saw in photographs
and every moment there on, I treasure.

The candles were lit
The cake was in place
my knife was wrapped up and presented to me,
I raised my eyes, in the candle light
saw them both, singing 'Happy birthday' in unison.
On the verge of crying, I was too overwhelmed to react
Whoever said wishes were just wishes, all this and more was in reply to that.

I still was in a daze, as we hit the road again
A dream had just come true, all thanks to Mr.M.
And just when I thought the night couldn't get any better
the tipper-tap started again,
I rolled down the windows and let the rain come in.

He stopped the car, once again
I looked around, in middle of nowhere, it was
He stepped out, I did too.
I looked at him, he was looking at me too.
There were no questions asked
just confessions from the heart.
He held out a case
I held out my hand
the ring fit Perfect!
And thus began the Story of a Lifetime!

© 2011 Neha Choudhry


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