Sunday, October 30, 2011

A little more...

Waking up seems weird
When all my life I've slept
In the arms of my dreams.

Opening my eyes hurts
When they've been securely shut since ages
Overlooking anything displeasing.

Speaking about you drives me to tears
Coz it's been a while
since I took your name and let it pierce through my heart's walls.

But still I've woken up, only to sleep again someday
In every face I find the traces of a time gone by
and today I could sing out your name aloud
to let it hurt a little more
Dream a little more
Love a little more
Miss a little more
Wish a little more.

© 2011 Neha Choudhry


Anuranjani said...

Yes. I have always been a stalker of your notes on FB! You always tag kinni, na! :D
And, of course you are a wonderful writer! :) :D

34 posts. Will read them in the morning.
Welcome to Blogger! :D

Neha Choudhry said...

And I stalk u back, sweetheart ;)
I've read some of your stuff and been inspired.

Thank you and Happy blogging to you as well! :D

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